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Are your customers leaving negative comments on social media?

Do you need a plan to handle customer complaints?

Responding quickly and appropriately to negative social comments can help you increase customer loyalty and retention.

In this article you’ll find out how to deal with negative comments on social media.

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#1: Respond Quickly
It’s important to respond quickly and efficiently to customer complaints on social media.

As a starting point, try to reply within 1 hour. This doesn’t mean you need to have all the answers right away. Customers typically want you to acknowledge their issue so they know you’re looking into it.

Next, let customers know when they can expect a response. This helps you manage expectations and reduce negative feedback. You’ve acknowledged the issue and set a realistic time frame for a response.

It’s important to consistently provide this same level of response on social media, even on weekends. According to a study from Convince & Convert, 40% of respondents expect a response time within hours of leaving a complaint.
#2: Acknowledge Mistakes
Consumers know that no business is perfect, so instead of hiding mistakes, it’s best to own up to them.

When you apologize to fans on social media, you acknowledge mistakes and take ownership. This also prevents the customer from continuing to blame your company for the mistake or issue. Then you can focus on the real task at hand, which is to help find a solution.

When you post an apology on social media, make sure it’s genuine. People will be quick to highlight apologies that appear to have been copied and pasted fr…

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