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Are you struggling to grow your Pinterest following?

Are your Pinterest boards performing?

Adding the right types of boards to your Pinterest profile will help increase your visibility and followers.

In this article you’ll discover how to create Pinterest boards people want to follow.

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#1: Stay Relevant With Evergreen Content
Boards with evergreen content are important for attracting Pinterest users, and they remain both relevant and interesting to people year-round.

Having a Christmas board during the holiday season is normally a good strategy. Ideas for gifts, decorations and food will likely go over well in those few weeks. Come December 26, however, that board will lose a lot of allure for most users.

While you’ll occasionally get a stray pinner who is interested and saves the board for next year, most users won’t be too invested after the holiday has passed.

Ideally, it’s best to have a large number of boards featuring content that will perform well for longer periods of time. This content will stay relevant, and you can anchor your boards and followers through Halloween jack-o-lantern patterns and stocking stuffer recommendations in December.

For example, Food and Wine’s evergreen boards Best Brunch Recipes and Grilling drastically outnumber Halloween Party Ideas in the number of pins.

Long-term, you’ll want both new users and current followers to engage with your pins and follow your boards so they’ll continue to be exposed to your content and share it.

Evergreen boards are ideal for this purpose. They allow you to push out new content to boards with plenty of followers, gettin…

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