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Scott Brinker - InstagramTech Stacks and Multi-Hub Solutions

As the creator of one of the most highly anticipated annual infographics on the marketing technology landscape, Scott has become somewhat of an expert on this growing product area. Since 2011, this field has skyrocketed from 150 to 3,500 unique companies that provide a different innovative facet to the marketing world.

While this crowded field may overwhelm and terrify marketers, it also represents a unique opportunity that opens up new strategic possibilities as to how your marketing can break through the noise and engage with your target audience. When harnessed correctly, this technology enables new kinds of customer experiences that drive meaningful content and relationships.

Scott brings a calm head and an experienced eye to help cut through the clutter and give listeners a workable approach to cultivating their inner tech-guru.

In This Episode

Why the existence of 3,500 different marketing tech solutions is not as terrifying as you might think
How to approach finding the right tech solution for your customer experience
The evolution of the multi-hub marketing approach
Why the future of marketing technology doesn’t affect you today
How to incorporate technology into building participatory content for your customer


Quotes From This Episode

“Marketing is really becoming dependent on how deft it is at navigating the technological landscape and harnessing it to their advantage.” —@chiefmartec

“The reality is most marketers aren’t technologists.” —@chiefmartec (highlight to tweet)

“The scope of technology-powered marketing has clearly gotten so lar…

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