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Are you on LinkedIn?

Have you reviewed your security and privacy settings recently?

While LinkedIn is valuable for building your professional presence, it’s important to be conscious of your individual privacy and security when using the network.

In this article you’ll discover what you need to know to manage your security on LinkedIn.

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How to Access Your Privacy and Security Settings
It’s essential to manage your LinkedIn privacy and security settings so your personal profile is secure, yet still visible on the network. By default, LinkedIn shares certain things you might want to keep private and keeps other things private that should be public.

If you haven’t edited your settings before, here’s how to access them. Hover over your profile image at the top right of the screen. Then click Manage beside Privacy & Settings.

LinkedIn has more than 40 security settings. Here are the ones that have the greatest impact on marketers.
#1: Decide Whether to Share News Mentions
LinkedIn’s Mentioned in the News feature automatically finds and shares with your network news items that mention you. (LinkedIn purchased the Newsle app to curate more relevant content for members.)

The default is to share your news mentions. To change this setting, go to Privacy Controls and click Turn On/Off Your News Mention Broadcasts. In the window that appears, uncheck the Yes! Let Them Know box and click Save Changes.

Mentioned in the News is a fantastic feature for people who have a positive presence online. However, you’ll want to turn this feature off if you or one of your clients is dealing with reputation management issue…

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