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David Spark - InstagramThe Power of the Personal

David Spark began his career as a touring stand up comedian. He eventually made the switch from writing comedy to writing content after tiring of the always-on-the-road stand-up lifestyle, and founded Spark Media Solutions shortly thereafter.

One of the goals of his brand journalism firm is to help clients be seen as leading voices in their field.

David offers his valuable insight into how comedy experience can improve your content creation and why sometimes getting a beer thrown in your face can make you a better marketer. He cites a powerful example from his own blog as to how personal stories can reach people in more powerful ways.

David also shares some of the wisdom gleaned from his new book, “Three Feet from Seven Figures,” which focuses solely on creating the most leads from trade shows. He discusses everything from how to set up for a trade show and who to send to your booth, to how to most effectively grab the attention of your audience at a trade show.

David’s sense of humor and advice make this week’s episode of Content Pros well worth tuning in for.

In This Episode:

The power of sharing personal experience
The best employees to send to trade shows
How to make trade shows worth the investment
How your behavior reads to others at trade shows
Trade show tricks to get your audience interested and create content for your brand
The value of influencer relationships


Quotes From This Episode:

“I have found anytime I tell real word experiences on my blog, it does very, very well as opposed to when I write—and I write these a lot—’Five Tips to This,’ &#8216…

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