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Is social selling part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy?

Do you know how to measure and track your efforts?

LinkedIn gives businesses a number of metrics for tracking the effectiveness of their marketing throughout the selling process.

In this article, you’ll discover how to measure and track the effectiveness of your social selling on LinkedIn.

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What Is Social Selling?
Social selling is the process of developing and building relationships via social networks by providing valuable content to your target audience. Ideally, this occurs at each stage of the buyer’s journey, which are specific points buyers go through to make a purchasing decision. Those three stages are awareness, consideration, and decision-making.

Here’s how you can measure your success at reaching prospects at each of these stages.
#1: Monitor Awareness Metrics
With LinkedIn, you can monitor several short-term results of your social selling efforts, such as an increase in your number of personal connections, content shares and likes, and follower engagement with your company page and showcase pages. These indicate increased awareness and visibility of your business.

A great strategy is to include employees in your social selling process, which will increase the likelihood that potential customers will learn about you and eventually follow your LinkedIn company and showcase pages.

Number of Connections

It’s easy to track the number of LinkedIn connections you and your employees have, which provides a meaningful data point for your long-term social selling efforts.

Why does this data point matter? Let’s say that 30 of your employees are part of yo…

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