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Are you trying to reach an on-the-go social media audience?

Are your ads optimized for mobile users?

More people are using social on their smartphones. If you want to reach them, you might need to rethink your ads.

In this article you’ll discover three ways to make your social media ads mobile-friendly.

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#1: Use Simple Copy and Bold Imagery
Advertising on mobile means that people will view your ads on a much smaller screen than a desktop monitor. Because of this, you need to make sure your ads are still visible and carry the same impact when viewed on mobile devices.

Ads for desktop have the screen space to contain text-heavy copy and detailed images. Mobile ads don’t have that advantage, so your mobile ad creative needs to be bold, simple, and beautiful to attract your audience’s attention.

Take a look at two Facebook ads for the shoe company Tieks. The desktop ad features an intricate and interesting image along with a good amount of text to drive engagement.

The image in Tieks’s mobile ad is much simpler and the perspective puts the viewer right in the ad. The copy consists of a short sentence driving users to click the ad. This ad works for mobile because people can easily read and understand it on a small smartphone screen.

While these two ads look very different, they’re both unmistakably from the same company. Including the same visual elements, such as Tieks’s bold red flats, in each image ties them together and keeps the ads on-brand, regardless of which device they’re viewed on.

When migrating desktop ads to mobile, it’s important to create campaigns that are easy to understand and comp…

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