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Do you want more organic traffic from Facebook?

Have you considered pinning your ads as Facebook page posts?

In this article you’ll discover how to drive organic traffic and conversions by pinning a Facebook carousel ad to your page as a post.

Listen to this article:

#1: Set Up Your Facebook Carousel Ad
First, you need to create your Facebook carousel ad. Click the green Create Ad button and select Send People to Your Website as the objective.

Next, enter a URL. This is the final URL visitors click through to at the end of your carousel, so you may want to choose your main website for this one, depending on the point of your carousel.

Now, name your campaign something that you can easily recognize later so you can refer back to the carousels you’ve created. Then click the Set Audience & Budget button.

Next, choose your ad audience. Note that if you want to run this as an ad, you’ll want to get specific about your ad targeting. If you don’t want to run this as an ad, you don’t have to; thus, you don’t need to do anything at this point.

Now set your ad budget. In case you forget, set the lifetime budget as low as $25 so that even if your ad does run, you won’t spend that much. Then click Choose Ad Creative.

#2: Design Your Carousel Ad
Now, you’ll design your carousel ad. First, select Multiple Images in One Ad.

Next, connect your page so the ad will be shown in the desktop news feed. This is extremely important.

Remove all other placements except the Desktop News Feed, as they’re unnecessary.

Configure one to five images, links, and calls to action for your carousel ad using the fo…

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