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Bryan Kramer_InstagramSharing is Caring

How many different types of influencers can you identify and use?

Bryan Kramer has six. And he sure does likes to share them. He believes in speaking ‘human to human’—it’s key to remember that businesses are built from people and consumers are those same people.

Connection, community, and authenticity are the driving factors to creating dynamic and effective marketing.

Bryan’s experience spans many years, and many companies. He’s the CEO of PureMatter, as well as H2H University, Substantium, and one under his very own name, Bryan Kramer. He’s an influencer himself, a TED speaker, and has also written multiple books including, “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” and, “There is no B2B or B2C. Human to Human: #H2H.”

PureMatter is a global agency that produces digital, social, and content marketing campaigns that are focused on humanizing business in order to capture that empathetic connection that brings a competitive advantage.

In This Episode

Why it’s a natural human tendency to share with others
How to identify and capitalize on the six different types of influencers
Why micro-influencers are the next big wave in marketing
How to use community events to build marketing campaigns  
How to use different sharing techniques to your advantage


Quotes From This Episode

“Everything about influencer marketing is built on sharing, and the success of it is built on sharing.” —@bryankramer (highlight to tweet)

“Micro-influence, no matter how big your company is, can go so much further.” —@bryankramer (highlight to tweet)

“An influencer is not somebody who can dub themselv…

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