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Do you want to boost engagement on Twitter?

Have you thought about running a Twitter contest?

Twitter contests are a creative, fun way to attract more followers, engagement and shares on the platform.

In this post you’ll discover how to run a Twitter contest for your business.

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#1: Identify the Objective
Successful marketing starts with clear goals, and this is true for Twitter contests, too.

Think about what you hope to achieve with your contest. For example, you might want to increase traffic to your website or collect email signups from potential prospects. Or perhaps you’re keen to increase the number of followers or generate more brand mentions on Twitter.

Deciding on the goal of your campaign is key, as it will inform the type of contest you launch.
#2: Choose a Prize
The prize has an important bearing on the overall success of your contest. Choose something that is highly relevant to your brand or related to your company or services in some way. A free iPad is an impressive prize, but it’s unlikely to generate long-term gains or brand engagement unless your company offers iPad-related products or services.

A Twitter contest isn’t an opportunity to offload that box of branded pens or last year’s merchandise though.

Do a brainstorming session with your team and discuss what types of prizes are likely to excite your loyal followers and inspire new ones. Opt for prizes that are useful, exclusive or seasonal to generate more interest.

This is obviously easier for consumer-focused brands, such as those that offer retail, fashion, tech and edible products. However, service-based businesses can pac…

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