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Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015.

How to Spark Emotion Through Social Media

Do you have a social media strategy?

Of course you do. Everyone does—or so they say.

But what everyone doesn’t know is that you can’t simply write awesome content and hope that it will draw people like flies to honey from social media.

Mark Schaefer says that writing content is the starting line, not the finish line! You have to learn how to ignite that content to bring about a better response when it’s time to share it on social media.

So throw out the idea that all you should be doing is saying “Check This Out” in your social media updates, throwing your link up, and hoping for the best.

That’s not a social strategy.

You must learn to provide ignition for your content. If content is fire, and social media is the gasoline, as Jay says, make sure you’re throwing the gas in the right direction. (highlight to tweet)

Let’s assume you already understand who your target market is, the relevancy of your content to your audience, and the filler words that need to be used in between. These words I’m about to show you are a powerful couplet when married with relevancy and “need to know” topics.

I want to talk about five key words—not keywords, but KEY words—that you should be using to trigger an emotional response from your target audience on social media.

You have seen these words before. You have probably even performed an action on these words without even knowing it. They are so subtle, you don’t even recognize that these word…

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