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Are you spending too much time posting content to social media and not enough time engaging?

Do you want an effective strategy for creating social media content quickly?

By creating and scheduling content in batches, you’ll be able to make more efficient use of your time on social media.

In this article you’ll discover an easy way to create social media updates in batches so you have more time for live engagement.
Why Create Content in Batches?
Say you decided to start having a cookie after dinner every day. You probably wouldn’t whisk together a few drops of egg, a few pinches of sugar, a sliver of butter and a couple of chocolate chips so that you can bake one lonely little cookie at a time. You’d make a whole batch of cookies at the start of the week.

Listen to this article:

Creating one status update at a time doesn’t make any more sense than baking the lonely cookie over and over. It gets in the way of your schedule, because every time you want to share something, you have to set aside the time to write it and post it. You end up constantly task-switching, which can wreak havoc on your productivity without you even noticing.

That’s where social batching comes in.

When it really comes down to it, pretty much everything you do on social fits into one of two categories: posting original updates (status updates, photos/videos and links to your own content or someone else’s website), and live interaction (replies, retweets, shares and so on).

Here’s how to prep everything you need for social media ahead of time, so you aren’t starting from scratch every single day.
#1: Make a List of Categories for Updates
You’re going to need a…

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