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How to Take an Audience-Centric Approach to Content Marketing - orig

One of a marketer’s goals is to make meaningful connections with consumers. This is also one our biggest challenges. Content marketing is meant to be a strategic way to reach and attract a defined audience. Lately, it seems to have moved to a dangerous place of ROI, subject lines, and vanity metrics. We’ve lost the most important piece of the puzzle: understanding your customer. (highlight to tweet)

Case Study: The Wide Appeal of Fitbit

When Fitbit first launched in 2007, I was sure this was just another gadget-fad that wouldn’t last. Here we are in 2016, and I’m the proud owner of a Fitbit Charge HR and noticing more friends, family, and co-workers adding the sleek wristbands to their everyday get-up.

When I fell into the trend in early November, my husband was convinced this would be something else that he found in a drawer, slowly dying after a useless life. It’s been three months, and Fitbit and I are still going strong.

The other day, my co-worker Phil Renaud and I were in an animated conversation when I noticed we had matching wristbands. If you are a fellow “Fitbitter,” you’ll understand why the conversation quickly turned to “OMG, let’s compare sleep patterns.” We shared heart rates immediately (mine was slightly elevated due to the excitement).

This got me thinking. I have a Fitbit, and Phil has a Fitbit. I am a 30-something female interested in marketing, sailing, and exploring the great outdoors (so Canadian). Phil is a 30-something male interested in data science who enjoys city life and travels occasionally. Our commonalit…

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