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Are you struggling to measure the ROI of your marketing videos?

Looking for tools to help track sales from your videos?

A simple framework and a few tools can reveal if your video campaigns are working for you.

In this article you’ll discover how to track and measure the ROI for your video marketing efforts.

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#1: Outline Your Campaign Costs
Take the time to do a complete breakdown of all of the projected costs of your video marketing campaign, including the marketing hours you’ll spend promoting it.

Include a buffer of at least 20% of your projected expenses if you manage the campaign on your own. This buffer will be used for unexpected costs, such as having to reshoot footage or invest more in editing.

Keep in mind that there are video marketing companies that offer all-inclusive video marketing packages, and this can make doing a cost outline much easier and more effective.
#2: Determine the Financial Tipping Point
Think about how many sales you need to make from your video marketing campaign to break even. After you reach your break-even amount, everything else will be pure profit. But first you need to determine that amount.

You can make this a very simple process. For example, if your video marketing campaign has a budget of $5,000 per month, you should expect to see your monthly sales go up by more than $5,000. If your average sale is $100, you already know that you’ll need to make at least 50 sales to compensate for the cost of the video.

You should track your sales (and other metrics) year-over-year in addition to month-by-month to make sure that you’ve adjusted for any seasonal changes.
#3: Track …

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