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Lindsay Listanski - InstagramVirtual Reality

Training a couple upstarts in the marketing department to add video to their cache of social tools is hard enough. But imagine trying to wrangle 80,000 employees spread across the country into embracing and utilizing video as a serious marketing tool and a crucial component of their social presence. Seems impossible, right?

Wrong! Lindsay has the kind of success story that makes virtual fantasy a virtual reality. Through grit, determination, organization, and many many frequent flier miles, she has transformed a nation of real estate agents into social video moguls. At the same time, she has created a community within the brand that encourages fellow agents to grow and evolved their online presence. Under her guidance, realtors are starting to sell homes using video to buyers that have never stepped foot inside. It’s a whole new world with social video and she is here to share it with us!

In This Episode

How a well-crafted social presence leads to daily customer touch-points, drives leads, and creates sales
Why less can mean more when it comes to Facebook advertising with video
How having a social media plan extends beyond the computer and means more than maintaining active accounts online
Why social marketing doesn’t mean just social media
How social video leads to starting a conversation within your community


Quotes From This Episode

“Social media has created this great ability for agents to connect with their clients on a daily basis that creates a really great one-on-one relationship.” —@LListanski

“A huge part of my job is ensuring they’re using it on a daily basis in such a way…

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