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How to Uncover a B2B Brand Voice That Isn't Boring

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The B2B world can feel quite stiff sometimes. And while we all technically know that it doesn’t have to be that way, we find ourselves defaulting to that stiffness within our marketing, over and over again. Because even if we do want to be fun, we still need to be professional. What if our readers don’t find our jokes funny? We figure it’s best to play it safe.

This is totally respectable—except when you “play it safe,” everything you write defaults to boring, and you’re back where you started: unhappy with your brand’s voice but unsure how to improve it.

Especially if you’re not a writer and haven’t been trained in the nuances of copywriting, coming up with something as lofty and intangible as a brand voice seems like a joke. Where do you even start with such a thing?

Not to get too metaphysical on you, but your brand’s voice is already there—it exists in your company, the reasons it was founded, and how you conduct yourselves in your day-to-day work. (highlight to tweet) You don’t have to worry so much about creating it as you do simply uncovering it.

“When you write like everyone else,” said Jason Fried on Inc., “you’re saying, ‘Our products are like everyone else’s, too.’ …Would you go to a dinner party and repeat what the person to the right of you is saying all night long? Would that be interesting to anybody?”

This is why it’s so important to start uncovering your brand’s voice and defining it with a set of rules that each person who writes something public for your company can follow.

I’m not talking about grammar or…

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