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How to Use Customer Service to Make Great Content Marketing

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If customers can easily and thoroughly address their problems on their own, they will seek to do so. Self-service is always the most efficient path to issue resolution, because customers don‘t have to wait on your business to respond. As Gartner‘s Michael Moaz says:

“The best phone call is the one that didn‘t happen.”

Self service increases customer satisfaction and lowers costs

According to Kate Leggett, principal analyst at Forrester Research, self-service increases customer satisfaction and lowers costs for the business. So it makes a lot of sense, on both the customer experience and cost efficiency fronts, to mine your complaints and feedback for patterns and commonalities, and then address those issues with easy-to-access online information.

Customers love this. Forrester found that 72 percent of consumers prefer using a company‘s website to answer their questions. But businesses are not universally adept at this self-service approach, as only half of customers can find the information they need online.

72% of customers prefer to find answers on a web site (highlight to tweet)

The best self-service programs are living organisms. They expand and morph to fit changing customer complaints and questions. To do so requi…

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