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How to Use Customer Service to Turn Hate Into Hilarity

A recent Twitter exchange between Pret a Manger and an unhappy customer offers an important reminder that every customer interaction should be treated as an opportunity to deliver a positive, if not hilariously memorable, experience.

The exchange started out innocently enough when a customer tweeted the brand about the taste of a crayfish and avocado flatbread sandwich.

What did your chef put in the @Pret Chefs Special crayfish and avocado flatbread ? Tastes like my daughters sandpit.

— Dodds (@DoddsHHQ) January 6, 2016

The company promptly responded to take the conversation into a DM. Upon resolving the issue and offering the customer a free lunch, the magic happened. Read on as Pret and the customer hilariously swap song lyrics riddled with fish puns—for a reported two hours via Twitter DM.

@TheLadBible Gourmet level banter from the @Pret social media team in response to my crayfish based issue. pic.twitter.com/jxKGUoDPLI

— Dodds (@DoddsHHQ) January 6, 2016

In an interview with the Daily Mail, a spokesperson for Pret a Manger said, “Having fun with our customers is a big part of what makes us tick—both in our shops and on social media.”

So, what can you learn from this comical exchange?

Hug (and Help) Your Haters

As Jay Baer wisely points out, he’ll take a hater any day over praise and positive reviews. Why? Those who complain and receive a response are almost twice as likely to recommend the company afterward.

Regarding this customer complaint to Pret, not liking the taste of something is a tough one, as taste …

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