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Want to learn more about the people who make up your Facebook custom audiences?

Have you tried Facebook’s Audience Overlap?

Using Audience Overlap will let you compare your custom audiences against each other, revealing information that will help you make better decisions on where to focus ad targeting and conversion efforts.

In this article you’ll discover how to use Facebook Audience Overlap to improve your Facebook marketing.

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What Is Audience Overlap?
Audience Overlap is a Facebook Ads tool that allows you to compare up to five different audiences at once and see the percentage of people who overlap among those audiences. You can access Audience Overlap in the Audiences section of either the Ads Manager or Power Editor.

Within the Audiences section, you can see all of the audiences you’ve created from custom audiences, lookalike audiences, or saved audiences.

There are a few differences among these audiences. Custom audiences can be made up of website visitors, certain subsets of your website visitors, a list of email subscribers, or people who have done something specific with your app. Lookalike audiences are similar groups of people you create from another audience, which you use in targeting. Saved audiences are any sets of targeting you save.

One limitation to Audience Overlap is that the audiences you compare need to have at least 1,000 people in them to protect people’s privacy.
How to Use Audience Overlap
Audience Overlap is easy to use. Select the check boxes of the audiences you want to compare and then choose Show Audiences Overlap from the Actions drop-down menu. Whichever audien…

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