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Leading With Imperfections

Originally from the world of stand-up comedy, Ron Tite was named one of the “Top Ten Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine. He is an executive producer, host, and author. His upcoming book, “Everyone’s An Artist (Or At Least They Should Be),” will be published by HarperCollins in the spring of 2016.

As CEO of the Tite Group, Ron leads a unique team of 25 people at his Toronto-based social media content agency, boasting such clients as Microsoft, Evian, Hershey, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson.

Ron has found that it’s important to concern himself with “tomorrow,” mixing thought-leadership forecasting with business development and enriching his progressive wisdom on the topic of content marketing. He shares his analysis of the current state of affairs within a historical context, discussing the cause of the fall of editorial integrity, the now blurred line between pure-play content and traditional advertising, and what these changes mean for you.

Besides his more technical wisdom, Ron also hits upon some sage advice, speaking to the importance of authenticity and personality, and pointing out that it is our flaws and idiosyncrasies that define who we are.

In This Episode

How to use “OTT” or “over-the-top content”
How the content spectrum has changed and why that’s important
How the decrease in editorial integrity affects you and your content
“Why it’s better to own than to rent” applied to content marketing
How to deal with the hecklers
Why most people don’t know their clients’ true competitors
What you can learn from Donald …

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