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Dan Moriarty - InstagramMore Than Room Service

With a global portfolio of eleven brands that encompasses 638 properties in 52 countries, the role of social and customer engagement can be both tricky and overwhelming for Hyatt. Luckily, they have Dan on their side who has crafted an approach to social that meets customers in their venue of choice, places importance on human-to-human interaction, and keeps the goal of caring for their customers central to every engagement. Supported by a robust training program, his social style has led to a team of employees, from the corporate hub to individual locations, that understand and embrace the hotel’s mission in customer care and are trusted to advocate accordingly.

In This Episode

How a new brand’s social leads to appropriate expectations for your varied customer base
Why adding a new channel sometimes means jumping in and just seeing what happens
How properly executed customer care leads to an increase in direct sales
Why being a responsible global brand means consciously adjusting your social approach for each market
How employee empowerment leads to strong internal advocacy


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s all about caring for people so they can be at their best.” —@iamdanmoriarty (highlight to tweet)

“You feel cared for when you engage with a brand in the way you want and that works for your lifestyle.” —@iamdanmoriarty

“Social customer care is about a better customer experience and, for the business, it’s a cost-avoidance play.” —@adamcb

“It’s about making sure our people have the tools, education, understanding, and safe zones, and the…

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