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Do you need better results from your Twitter marketing?

Want to use Twitter Analytics to guide your efforts?

The data in Twitter Analytics reports can help you identify the content that resonates with your audience, so you can build a more active following.

In this article you’ll discover four ways to use Twitter Analytics reports to boost replies, retweets, and other engagement metrics.
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#1: Tailor Your Content to Audience Interests
Tweeting content that appeals to your audience’s interests can draw people to your feed and encourage them to click and share your content.

To get to know your audience, go to your Twitter Analytics and click the Audiences tab at the top of the page. By default, you’ll see charts tracking follower growth and demographics. There are five tabs that you can click to see data about your audience, such as what devices and wireless carriers they use.

The Interests bar graph, which is available on the Overview and Lifestyle tabs, ranks popular topics and indicates what percentage of your audience is interested in those topics.

You can find out the interests of users who took part in your campaigns, viewed or interacted with your tweets, and converted on your website. You can also see this data for different personas, such as parents, Millennials, and users with annual incomes greater than $100,000.

Once you understand more about your audience’s interests, you can create and curate content that will appeal to them. For example, suppose you’re a digital marketer for a social analytics company. When you look at your Twitter analytics, you discover your audience has an affinity for cars. With this …

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