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The web is becoming more and more visual, and nowhere more so than on social media, where some of the most influential platforms revolve around pictures and video.

Social networks which were previously text-centric have made a point of integrating more flexible and better-quality options for embedding media, and the last few years have seen the astronomic rise of several key platforms which revolve entirely around visual media.

New entrants to the social media scene also reflect this trend, finding new and adventurous things to do with visuals – take Peach, whose users communicate with GIFs, drawings and artful combinations of text and images. Or the newly-minted Yubl, which is driven by eye-catching graphics that users can tap to react to.

A screenshot from the social app Yubl, showing a pair of trainers in the foreground and a skyline at sunset in the background. The caption reads "Yubl loves @timwillhyde". Text down the left side reads "Seriously addicted to awesome footwear". Two round bubbles on the right read "That skyline", which 68 users have tapped on, and "Those trainers", which 52 users have tapped on.

Knowing how to tailor your approach to visual social media platforms will be vital for effective promotion across all social networks going forward.

In this article and its follow-up, I’ll be looking at four major players in visual social media – Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat – and how you can make the most of their unique features in a marketing context, as well as some useful tips for approaching visual media on any social network.


With more than 400 million monthly active users, and 40 billion photographs uploaded since its launch in 2010, Instagram is an undeniable…

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