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How Top Companies Use GIFs on Twitter

Ain’t no party like a Twitter GIF Party! While the ability to search and send GIFs in tweets and direct messages debuted in late February, Twitter decided to up the ante on March 3, 2016 with an impromptu #GIFparty.

Drop your plans for today, we’re celebrating GIFs on Twitter! Tap the GIF button to join the #GIFparty. pic.twitter.com/5gTEeB1uWH

— Twitter (@twitter) March 3, 2016

With users and companies alike dropping in to celebrate with their best GIFs, who stood out? Check out these ten clever GIFs from various companies, sports teams, and more for a few helpful tips on how to incorporate GIFs as part of your Twitter engagement strategy.

#GIFParty All-Stars

As #GIFParty became a trending topic on Twitter, many companies were smart enough to play along, dropping their own party-themed GIFs. With lots of great footage on file for high profile athletes, sports teams and leagues really stood out here for their ability to quickly turn around a mix of clever and funny GIFs.

The Philadelphia 76ers ordered pizza.

“Hello, yeah I’d like to order 76 pizzas for my #GIFparty, please.” pic.twitter.com/Ev1qNaZOre

— Philadelphia 76ers (@Sixers) March 4, 2016

The NHL asked if cups were needed.

Did anyone remember to bring cups to the #GIFparty? pic.twitter.com/syNrPG713D

— NHL (@NHL) March 3, 2016

The NFL had a little fun with the Steelers’ Antonio Brown.

Hey @steelers‘ @AntonioBrown84, how’s business at the #GIFparty? pic.twitter.com/mwmgYWB5EE

— NFL Now (@NFLNow) Ma…

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