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How Two Companies Pulled a Disappearing Act for a Good Cause

In a time where companies vie to stand out amid a seemingly never-ending stream of content, two brands are making waves for their unique disappearing acts. The twist? Both were cleverly executed in order to raise awareness for the same cause: #BringBackTheBees.

Burt’s Bees Loses the B’s, Literally

The next time you’re on Instagram or Twitter, look more closely at Burt’s Bees’ accounts, and you’ll notice that something major is missing: the B’s!

Why are letters missing from our name? ecause we’re raising awareness for disappearing honeyees. #BringBackTheBees pic.twitter.com/3t55ahrKtm

— urt’s ees (@BurtsBees) March 21, 2016

The missing B’s are part of a larger mission from Burt’s Bees to raise awareness for the disappearing honeybee population. The company has also pledged to plant one billion wildflowers to offer bees a “a nutritious and much-needed feast.” For each “b-less” tweet or Instagram post with #BringBackTheBees and each purchase of a limited edition lip balm, the company pledges to plant 1,000 wildflowers in that person’s honor.

To raise awareness for this initiative, Burt’s Bees ran a promoted tweet on Twitter, tapped numerous social media influencers, and created an educational video on the campaign with celebrity Lea Michele. There is also a dedicated website with more information.

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