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There is a constant struggle for ecommerce brands to identify the consumers’ needs and fill them in the most appropriate way, therefore any strategies to achieve it are always welcome.

It’s not a new method to turn to human psychology to create a better design and user experience, as it offers valuable insights about a brand’s target audience, its thinking and its criteria for purchasing decisions.


Image by Gerd Altmann, CC0

Every human being may be unique, but we can still observe how a series of psychological triggers affect a consumer’s purchasing habits.

How do we decide which brand to trust in a web that is full of options?

The analysis of several different ecommerce sites helped us determine the most common psychological patterns that may lead to increased sales, provided that they are used in an appropriate way.


The fear of missing out (also known as F.O.M.O.) is real and it creates an urge to stay up-to-date, even at unrealistic levels. Ecommerce sites often use the psychological trigger of urgency, in order to speed up a user’s purchasing decision.


When there’s a countdown of existing stock, or an offer for a limited time, consumers feel the need to hurry up and claim the deal before it disappears.

It’s the loss aversion that leads to an increase of sales, provided that it’s presented in a timely, relevant way.

Social Proof

Human beings are social by nature and tend to rely on the power of the community.

As consumers tend to adopt a natural distrus…

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