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Disappointingly, this isn’t one of those doom-and-gloom articles proclaiming that SEO/PPC is dead. Instead, we’ll look at how voice search will shake things up for us digital marketers and examine all the wonderful things that can come from it.

But first, here’s a question for you.

If you wanted to find out who Microsoft’s current CEO is, what would you search for if….

a) You were on your computer and typed in your search phrase?


b) You were talking into your phone using a digital personal assistant such as Siri or Cortana?

If you’re like the vast majority of folks today, your answer would be a shorter phrase like “Microsoft CEO” for the former. For the latter question, you’d have been far more likely to have used natural language such as “Who is the CEO of Microsoft?”

Without even being conscious of the fact, you’ve altered your search behavior for voice vs. text.

We all do it.

Search is finally growing up. Take the latest announcements from Microsoft (my employer) at their recent Build event. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about a world where “human language is the UI layer” and developers build for “conversational canvases,” a new term applied to any app where people are conversing, from email to chat to SMS.

Slack, too, has written about “conversational offices” where computer systems — such as expense reporting software — are made more convenient and user-friendly via an interface we can talk to.

All those times you’ve wished for a better way to understand intent and personalize more effectively? Natural language could be the key.

Voice-activated technology is going to switch things up for us marketers, in many beneficial ways. That’s what I’m going to cover here. Specifically, I want to dig into voice search.

What do I mean by voic…

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