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SEO is a challenging and rewarding career for people from a number of different types of backgrounds.

It requires a degree of comfort with numbers, as SEO professionals should be able to look at the data coming in and understand how to make adjustments to improve the success of their campaign.

SEOs should also understand how to take the big picture– of business goals and objectives– and be able to translate it into a marketing SEO strategy. Professionals need to understand where their SEO efforts should thrive to help the brand achieve the stated goals.

SEOs also need to excel at experimentation. If there is one constant in the world of online marketing, it is that it is always changing.

Google regularly issues new updates, customer preferences change and the technology updates, all forcing marketers to be able to work well within these parameters of constant change. The professionals that can judge trends and make accurate predictions about how websites can prepare for impending changes are the ones that will see the most success.

Being comfortable with this level of experimentation and uncovering new paths towards success also attracts candidates who are capable of thinking outside the box. These successful marketers are not only flexible, but they are imaginative and creative.

These skill sets, however, can serve professionals beyond SEO. As the industry continues to grow and mature, professionals are going to have to find a way to work with members of other marketing departments.

Walls between marketing silos are coming down, which in turn is adjusting workflows and methodologies. Professionals who already have the skills needed to reach across these marketing silos are well-positioned for both organizational and personal growth.

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