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Do you want to increase engagement on Instagram?

Have you thought about Instagram contests?

Instagram contests are a great way to get people talking about your business and increase your followers.

In this article you’ll discover tools and tips to help marketers run a successful Instagram contest.
#1: Follow Contest Rules
When you’re hosting or promoting any kind of contest, you have to follow certain rules. Here are the guidelines for running an Instagram contest:

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Don’t inaccurately tag content or users, and don’t encourage participants to inaccurately tag content or other users. For example, don’t ask users to tag themselves in photos if they aren’t actually in the photos.
Acknowledge that your contest isn’t associated with or supported by Instagram. You don’t need a neon sign stating this. Just be sure you’re not inadvertently making it seem like Instagram is endorsing your promotion.
Follow proper eligibility requirements. Some businesses feature products or offer prizes that have age or residency restrictions. If you’re a winery, for example, clarify that users must be 21 and older to participate.

While most of these guidelines fall under the umbrella of common sense, it’s important to make note of them. It’s easy to forget about audience restrictions or forget to state them.
#2: Pick a Contest Type
If you’re planning to run a promotion or contest on Instagram, you’ll have to decide what type of contest to run, how it will operate and how users can participate.

Here are some different types of Instagram contests to consider.

Comment on the Post Contests

This is a popular type …

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