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Technology makes it easier than ever to learn about people and the world around you. Despite significant progress, however, the tech community has left a gaping hole unaddressed: the tools available to our dogs to engage in social media marketing are completely unsatisfactory.

This is dog

So, what’s UpDog?

UpDog is our new company-wide initiative to bring the benefits of human social media marketing to the canine world. If you haven’t noticed, we love dogs here at Moz.

A photo posted by Moz (@moz_hq) on Aug 26, 2015 at 1:01pm PDT

We’re uniquely positioned to hear and empathize with the needs of our aspiring barketers. Now that we have finished our second-quarter planning, we’re ecstatic to share that the future is looking up for dogs! We intend to strategically fold canine marketing tools into all of our platforms.

Feeling skeptical? Not sure this is right for your social media barketing strategy? Well, check out what Moz’s founder has to say:

“Every day, when I walk to work, hop on a plane, or speak at a conference, I see them. Thousands of humans, buried in their phones, swiping for hours through potential dating partners or friends’ baby photos or short videos surrounded by crayon scratches. It made me realize — it’s not fair that only our species gets this privilege. We need to be thinking about Earth’s other inhabitants too, especially our best friends, dogs.”
– Rand Fishkin


Before we can make progress on improving the landscape of marketing tools for dogs, we have to improve the state of content creation itself. That’s why we’re hereby announcing the Moz Bark-Activated InstaShot Pro tool!

<img src="http://d2v4zi8pl64nxt.cloudfront.net/social-media-barketing/56fe159b3d46f4.16986140….

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