Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/05/13/is-it-game-over-for-prs-when-it-comes-to-link-building/

Alex Jones from Hallam Internet shared a new case study around an outbound PR campaign, focused on bloggers. The campaign sought to attract the attention of a bunch of highly relevant bloggers, as well as, hopefully, a few links.

The results show that bloggers are increasingly savvy about the value of linking out to other sites. They clearly understand the difference between follow and no follow, and they’re quite happy to have a commercial discussion (and to name their price).

Google’s recent clampdown on paid (and pseudo-paid) links from bloggers now looks like a reasonable reaction, if this study is anything to go by.

The study

Alex pitched some “interesting and relevant” content to almost 300 bloggers. He cherry picked 60 of them and gave them the personal touch. No budget was mentioned.

The results

Here’s a overview of what happened…

Alex had a great hit rate. Around 35% of the 299 he contacted responded – 106 responses in total.
Six people said the content wasn’t relevant to their blog. Again, not bad, and better to know this (to update the database, if nothing else).
Just two bloggers were prepared to use the content based purely on its editorial value. Two!

And now for the cliffhanger… 

More than half of those who responded asked him if he had any budget.

Boom. Hand it over, mister. Gamechanger.

What do bloggers charge?

Firstly, bloggers tend to sell guest posts, as opposed to purely selling links. 

Fees ranged from sub-£50 to £300+ for a link/post, with the most common price point being in the £50-£100 range.

What do bloggers charge for links?

Some bloggers said that links would be nofollowed and posts would carry a disclosure.

Others changed their pricing depending on whether nofollow was applied, or not. There be dragon…

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