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It’s been 5 weeks since Keyword Explorer’s launch and in that time, more than 75,000 folks have tried out what is, in my opinion, the best keyword research tool on the market. And I’m not alone:

And that’s just a sampling of the many, many kind pieces of feedback we’ve received the last few weeks (OK, there’s even more than that… it just keeps on going).

But today, we’re upgrading it further with three of the most requested features since launch.

Keyword volume is now international

Since launch day, KW Explorer has only had support for US volume, but as of today, that’s no longer the case. Russ Jones has been working with the team to support a larger capacity for international volume data, and we’ve got significant coverage for UK, Canada, and Australia, more moderate data for other Western languages and countries, and a small amount in regions and languages beyond those. Over time, we’ll be refining and adding to the keyword volume corpus so we can continue to improve.

Note that volume data in the US is still our most accurate, as we’re able to apply our clickstream dataset (which is currently US-only) to those metrics. Outside the US, our data will be more similar to what you find in Google AdWords, though our volume buckets still have greater accuracy overall and less spikiness month to month. For temporal fluctuation data, I’d still recommend Google Trends, whose accuracy seems much better than in years past.

Suggestions filters now include questions

Many users of KW Explorer have noted a fondness for specifically finding keyword searches in the form of questions. We’ve heard from fans of AnswerThePublic (which visualizes Google Suggest data), who were hoping we could add that type of data/filtering. Today, it’s…

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