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For the most part, articles on content promotion focus on launching new content.

Today I want to focus on getting the most out of (and in some cases, breathing new life into) existing content.

We frequently see clients that have a variety of content assets already. Where possible, I always advocate using what’s on hand over indiscriminately pumping out new content.

For the following exercise, we need to start by identifying the content assets; we’ll be looking for unloved and underloved assets.

Unloved = content that exists but nobody has even noticed it. It has very few links, social shares, and little to no traffic.
Underloved = content that exists, was launched, and did okay, but never reached its full potential. (I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve found a piece that we couldn’t squeeze at least one campaign out of.)

It’s important to note that, in many cases, we’ve been alerted to content that’s unloved because it’s essentially invisible but potentially very valuable. One good example of this would be an internal knowledge base that your sales team maintains.

Identifying pages with potential

Often it’s easier to spot underloved content than it is to find completely unloved content.

Our preferred method is to plug a domain into Ahrefs.com Site Explorer, navigate to the “Top Pages” tab (which in their redesign now seems to be called “Best By Links”), and start working your way through the URLs that you find.

A screenshot of Ahrefs Site Explorer with an arrow indicating the Top Pages navigation.

You can also use Ahrefs.com “Best By Shares” feature, which will present all pages in order of their social share count. Again, thi…

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