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Are you active on LinkedIn?

Wondering about the recent changes to groups?

LinkedIn groups have been redesigned to make interactions more seamless and valuable for members.

In this article you’ll discover how marketers can find, join and use the new LinkedIn groups.
What the Changes Mean
LinkedIn completely overhauled its groups interface, so the desktop and app versions are the same. The Groups app is available on iOS, and the Android version is coming soon.

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While both the website and app are user-friendly, the functionality on desktop has decreased.

One of the most noticeable changes is that there are no more open groups. The two new group choices are limited to standard and unlisted. Standard groups are “request to join” or a member or admin can invite you to join, and are findable by group search. Unlisted groups are “invite to join” by the group admin only, and are not findable in search.

Another big change is the loss of member search. Individuals can no longer search a group’s membership by name or keyword, so it’s probably not worth it to join a group just to get access to prospects. And because member search (at this time) no longer functions, private-messaging other members is more difficult to do in a strategic way. (This is on the heels of LinkedIn limiting private messaging in groups to 15 messages a month.)

Although it will be more difficult to use groups for prospecting and lead generation, people can still use groups for content marketing.

LinkedIn has also removed the Promotions tab on groups, which means any promotional messages will likely just go into spam.

The upside …

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