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Haven’t you ever wanted to know everything about everything?

Rebecca Lieb feels your pain. Well, she at least wants to know everything about marketing. With years of deep research, Rebecca has learned where to find the keys to the marketing castle. She believes in asking tough questions, taking the time to find the real answers, the important of community and humility, and the adage of sharing is caring.

Rebecca is a prestigious analyst, advisor, frequent public speaker on topics related to advertising and digital marketing, and author. Her book titles include, “Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher—How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media” and “The Truth About Search Engine Optimization”.

Formerly with Altimeter Group, Rebecca currently works with Netswitch Technology Management Inc., Conglomotron LLC., and OneSpot. 

In This Episode

Why it’s important to take the time to ask the right questions
How to use your research to lead you to success
Why community and humility are key parts of great influencing
How to utilize an influencer’s expertise to your advantage
How to combat the newest forms of ad blockers and developing media


Quotes From This Episode

“I hoover up information and share it.” —@lieblink (highlight to tweet)

“First and foremost and at the core of everything, I’m a research analyst, which means I ask deep probing questions around topics related to digital marketing, advertising content and influence.”

“Everybody is an expert in something.” —@lieblink (highlight to tweet)

“We’re seeing ad blockers, we’re seeing ad fraud, dimi…

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