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Is your brand visible to potential customers? If you’re a local business and you haven’t nailed down your local SEO, you’re missing the opportunity to be seen when that customer searches on desktop or on mobile.

But local SEO isn’t some mysterious entity. It’s a series of concerted steps. And we can help you tailor those local SEO efforts to your business model. Simply find your business type on the following illustration and follow the steps that are specific to your needs.

Local SEO by business type

Local SEO for all business types

But wait! You aren’t done yet. There are some local SEO steps that work for businesses of all kinds. Use the checklist below to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes to get seen in the SERPs. To jump ahead to a section, use these links:

Technical website criteria
Getting local content right
Duplicate listing cleanup
Earning reviews
Social media for local business
Out there in the real world

If you’re a paper and pen type (or just want to save your checklist for later), download your very own copy of the Local SEO Checklist here:

Download checklist as a PDF

Technical website criteria

Everything that applies to traditional SEO also applies to local SEO.

Regardless of business model, every local business website needs to be indexable, error-free, multi-device-compliant, well-structured, and properly optimized. See the complete technical checklist.

In addition to the above, local website optimization requires that you:

Have a “Contact Us” page featuring the complete name, address, and phone number of each of your staffed locations.

If you have 10 or less locations, the complete name, address, and …

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