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Have you considered publishing your content on Medium?

Are you looking for a way to distribute your ideas to a larger audience?

In this post you’ll discover what marketers think about Medium, along with a step-by-step guide to using Medium.

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Why Medium?
Jay Baer, a New York Times bestselling author and well-known keynote speaker, has been posting on Medium for over a year. He uses Medium for “…posts (sometimes original, sometimes repurposed) that are more opinion-based or take a stronger stand.” He defines Medium as “…LinkedIn’s cool younger brother who wears concert T-shirts all the time, but also checks the Dow Jones average on his iPhone.”

Who can be successful on Medium? Baer explains, “I think businesses can have success on Medium, but perhaps more so as individuals rather than as businesses per se. In essence, what I do there is on behalf of Convince & Convert, through me. The same can work for other companies who have ‘thought leaders’ willing and able to take the time to post content on Medium that solicits a response.”

Mitch Joel, president of Mirum Agency, also adds, “It’s not just a place to publish, but an impressive platform for content distribution. As an infovore, it’s also an amazing place to discover new voices and content — probably more powerful than just picking up a link from Facebook or Twitter.” He plans to add Medium to his publishing schedule soon.

With those things in mind, here are some of the benefits of using Medium as your platform for publishing insightful content:

Medium received an estimated 35 million visitors in November 2015, with 36.78% from the United States, according to SimilarWeb. Whe…

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