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When we launched Moz Content at the end of November, we limited the subscription to a single tier. At the time we wanted to get the product out in the wild and highlight the importance of content auditing, competitive research, and data-driven content strategy. To all of those early adopters who signed up as Strategists over the last few months, a big thanks.

Since then, we’ve made a long list of improvements to both Audit performance/stability and the size of our Content Search index. Along with those updates we also added two new subscriptions for larger sites and agencies handling multiple clients: Teams and Agencies. The new tiers not only increase page and Audit limits, but also enable Google Analytics integration with Tracked Audits.

More data for Tracked Audits

For those that aren’t familiar, Tracked Audits let you trend and monitor the performance of your site’s content over time. On the backend, Moz Content re-audits your site every week in order to discover new pages and update site metrics. This allows you to compare, say, the average shares per article across your entire site from week-to-week or month-to-month.

To date, Moz Content Audits have focused on links and shares. We did that intentionally, since a major goal for the product was to enable the analysis of any site on the web, including competitors. We also wanted to give agencies the freedom to prospect or audit clients without painful integrations or code snippets.

That said (and I’m guessing you’ll agree), figuring out your content ROI usually requires a deeper look at site performance.

With Moz Content, we stopped short of a full, conversion-focused analysis suite with custom tracking code and the like. Instead we’re focused on a product that delivers content analysis and insights to our entire community of online marketers — not just the select few that can afford it. Besides, there are plenty of big-ticket tools …

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