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Until now, I was confident that developing a software service had never been compared to assembling furniture from Ikea (no Google searches were done to prove this assertion).

Believe it or not, we unlocked this achievement while working on the Google My Business API. The piece of “furniture” we constructed? We built the recliner that allows you to sit back and have your locations automatically imported from Google My Business to Moz Local. And like most things built with tools meant for hands far smaller than the average human hand, we’re proud of the end result and excited to announce this amazing (and comfortable) feature today in Moz Local!

Taking a step back, we looked at our fine construction and realized that there were a number of spare parts laying on the floor. We took those Google My Business API spare parts and built Moz Local’s new My Business Console. In furniture-speak, it’s like a nifty baby gate that actually allows adults to operate it without reading the instruction manual. In seriously-tell-me-what-this-thing-is terms, My Business Console gives you fine-grained bulk permission management for Google My Business.

Sync locations from Google My Business to Moz Local

Importing locations from Google My Business into Moz Local can now be done with a single click. This fancy feature replaces the CSV upload process that’s been a part of Moz Local since day one.

Although Moz Local has always accepted CSVs exported from Google My Business, the process was still quite manual and thus more cumbersome and error-prone than it needed to be.

Users can setup the import process via the Add Listings button in your Moz Local Dashboard starting today!

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Moz Local’s new…

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