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It’s the season of primaries, which means there’s a mad scramble by the American people to find answers to the following queries…

If they’re registered to vote
Where the nearest polling place is
What time the polling place is open

There’s nothing like a heated presidential election to spur some patriotic search behavior.

where to vote google trends

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s marketing team is tapping into our nation’s steadfast loyalty to Google in the hopes of earning some of that allegiance for herself.

Somewhere in the Hillary campaign office sits a search marketer, likely the graduate of a behemoth ad agency, who took her training on the zero moment of truth and made it work for Hillary.

As a Massachusetts resident, searches for ‘where to vote’ and all sorts of modifications (e.g. ‘where do I vote MA’, ‘voting in MA’, even ‘polling locations’) surfaced this handy little ad at the top of the Google search results page:

find your polling station serp result

Here we see the beginnings of a clever and timely search campaign, courtesy of the marketing minds behind Hillary Clinton.

Through four simple steps, we see the pillars of search marketing come to life: 

Step 1: Be where your audience is

Bidding on ‘where to vote’ keywords, which will generate more than 20,000 searches this month, will ensure that Hillary is the first result a searcher sees. You’ll notice that nobody else seems to be bidding on these terms.

Step 2: Focus on the searcher’s intent


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