Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/03/09/pump-up-the-volume-six-ways-ppc-can-boost-your-promotions/

Sometimes, you need a little extra boost for certain products or services – be it a product with excess inventory, a new service or simply something you want to catapult into the spotlight.

PPC tactics can help get the word out, and I’m going to show you how in six steps.

1. Sitelinks strategy

I’ve talked before about using your ad extensions strategically, and sitelinks is one of those extensions that can help get the word out in your ads.

And I’m not just talking about using the appropriate sitelinks for a particular ad group (e.g. a dog sweater ad with a dog sweater sitelink). Consider this: a furniture client of ours had a product line they wanted to start promoting on their own after they ended an affiliate program.

We placed a sitelink that led to that product line’s landing page in every campaign we could.


Because the rest of the ad was strategically constructed to be as relevant as possible, this was simply an added bonus and highlighted one of the product lines they thought people might like to know about.

2. Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is a powerful advertising tool. So consider using it to boost conversions on the product or service you want to promote.

Going back to our furniture client example, we typically ran remarketing campaigns on AdWords for specific types of furniture (loungers, deep seats, etc.), but for this promo, we wanted to set up a campaign specifically for the collection they were trying to sell more of – so any type of furniture in that collection.

Anyone who landed on any page in that section of the client’s site would now be put into a new remarketing campaign with ads specific to the collection. This gave the line more visibility as shoppers browsed th…

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