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The way 30 trillion web pages are ranked changed forever on October 26, 2015. That’s when the world became aware of RankBrain, Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence system.

Google calls RankBrain, when it’s in use, “the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query.”

Google’s mission: to terminate any web pages from its results that don’t provide the highest-quality content and to find the most relevant answers for users.

Now marketers who want to gain precious visibility on always-shrinking organic SERPs must prepare to fight a new war: the war against the machines.

The pre-RankBrain machines

Google has sent two other major algorithms to strike at websites.

In the year 2010, Google sent a G-800, codename Panda, to hunt and kill the rankings of websites producing low-quality content.


Image from Grindstore

The second algorithm – a G-1000 known as Penguin – was sent in 2012 to find websites with unnatural link profiles and terminate them from the search results.

While neither algorithmic update was perfect, both succeeded in their overall mission. Now Google is sending a third.

RankBrain: analyzing page relevance on a 1-10 scale

Now, as before, Google has sent a G-X, a new machine learning system that will change SEO and the organic search results as we’ve known them.

RankBrain will analyze web pages for relevance. Every page will get a score between 1 and 10, with 1 being a dubious result and 10 being extremely strong.

But wait! This RankBrain technology is eerily derived from earlier G-350 technology. You may know it better as Google AdWords’ Quality Score. This intelligent AdWords tec…

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