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There’s no shortage of advice on the Internet. This holds especially true in digital marketing; after all, we’re the folks who came up with “content is king,” right? If we weren’t the inventors, we clearly co-opted it.

I’ve been wanting to write a piece that takes us back to the roots of digital marketing. A reminder of sorts; one that might serve to snap some marketers out of the mundane daze of their daily grunt work. I wanted to inspire a vacation from hanging out in the weeds, which unfortunately can be common for some digital marketing practitioners. Falling into tactics and routine processes without any deviation certainly feels like grunt work — something that marketing should never be.

In reality, there’s still plenty of life left in classic digital marketing advice. Like music or meals, sometimes the basics still have plenty of flavor left. Maybe you simply have to challenge yourself to hold onto your roots.

So, I decided a great place to collect this general advice is the platform that still hangs onto 140 characters — Twitter. I wasn’t looking for anything too specific or particular, just cornerstone digital marketing advice. I posted a few repeated tweets requesting the following:

You have 140 characters to give your best digital marketing / SEO and client management advice. Go, go, go!!!
— Bill Sebald (@billsebald) March 1, 2016

Next, I’m going to share some of the fantastic responses and expand upon them. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with their responses.

Marie Haynes

@billsebald Figure out how to be better, more useful, and immensely more helpful than all of your competitors.
— Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) March 3, 2016

This is a great tweet to kick things off. My mind immediately goes to the concept of 10x content, of which Rand is a big proponent. Want to be the best option for searchers? Be the best solution. (Wow, that makes it so…

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