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At the inaugural Ayima Insights digital marketing conference, Ayima co-founder Rob Kerry gave us his insights into how the field of search is currently developing, and what the future may hold in 2016 and beyond.

Things were simpler back in the early days of online search. Or so I’m told – I wasn’t actually there, but Rob Kerry painted a vivid picture during his presentation at Ayima Insights Conference last Thursday.

Google’s slogan of “Don’t be evil” actually seemed like something that the company still believed in; ads and sponsored links were much more clearly delineated; and all you needed to do to make your site rank well in search results was to insert a keyword in the right places.

Rob Kerry stands next to a projection screen at Ayima Insights conference. The projector reads 'SEO in 2001: How to rank in Google' with a set of numbered instructions below for SEO optimising a casino website. 1. Put "casinos" in your meta data, headings and content. 2. Make sure that Google can click/navigate links. 3. Point lots of links at the homepage called "casinos". 4. The website with the best "casinos" links wins. To the right there is a screenshot of 2001-style Google search results for the word "casinos".Rob Kerry recalls a simpler time in search

Now things are much more complex, with developments in mobile technology and voice search changing the way that people seek out information. And Google, in spite of all its best efforts, is no longer as central as it would like to be.

So what are the key trends currently affecting the direction of search, and what changes does Kerry sense in the winds for the future?

Walled gardens

A long-standing source of frustration for Google has …

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