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There is a growing concern among publishers regarding the rise of ad blockers from users who prefer to enjoy an ad-free experience, as this translates to a significant loss of revenue for them.

According to a report by Adobe and Page Fair, the loss reached $21.8 billion during 2015 and this has created an imperative need to tackle this increasing threat before it has any further impact on their existing advertising model (and their main source of profit).

Ad blocking has turned into a very popular term during the past year and it’s not expected to lose its interest in 2016, as the trend moves from the early adopters to a bigger audience.

age tune

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There are many different responses to ad blocking from publishers and it’s interesting to note their range of reactions, from the discreet to the aggressive.

Seven different ways publishers approach ad blocking
1. The discreet approach

This is a polite and discreet approach that acknowledges the problem, without hiding the content from the users who browse the site with an activated ad blocker.

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This is probably the most user-friendly approach, but it seems to lose ground among publishers, as it doesn’t lead to the desired results of reducing the usage of ad blocking.

The Guardian and Smashing Magazine are among the sites that chose this approach, with the latter winning the impressions with its message.

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