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Are you adding Snapchat to your social media marketing?

Wondering what Snapchat’s audience responds to?

In this article you’ll discover recent insights on Snapchat and how marketers can use the platform to reach targeted audiences with ads and other content.

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#1: Snapchat Nears Facebook Levels for Daily Video Views
In January 2016, Bloomberg News reported that Snapchat now delivers more than 7 billion videos to users each day. The news is amazing for two reasons. First, previously reported numbers of Snapchat daily video views in September 2015 was 4 billion. A leap of nearly 50% in just three or four months is certainly newsworthy.

Second, Facebook reported 8 billion video views daily in October 2015. Considering that at 1.55 billion users, Facebook’s audience outstrips Snapchat’s by 15 times, it’s clear video is Snapchat’s primary content form.

Key Takeaway: Snapchat’s 7 billion daily video views figure is important because mobile video is rapidly gaining favor with advertisers. According to eMarketer, companies spent $7.46 billion on digital video ads in the U.S. in 2015, an increase of 42% from the year before. eMarketer also relates that in the United States, mobile video ad spend is growing faster than all other digital advertising tactics.

Marketers with a video strategy in place can easily adapt their tactics to reach Snapchat’s video-friendly demographic.
#2: Vertical Video Rising in Popularity
When Snapchat emerged on the scene, some industry pundits criticized its vertical-only display as too limiting and unfamiliar for those used to more horizontal television and movie screens.

Now, after five yea…

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