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This Week in Realtime Media
Health: NYC’s Salt Warning

First came the ban on oversized sugary beverages, and now, salt is getting called out in New York City.

In the fight to make consumers aware of the unhealthiness of certain meal options, chain restaurants in New York are placing warning labels on foods containing large amounts of sodium. These salt warnings strictly apply to foods exceeding 2,300 milligrams of sodium, which is the current daily recommended amount.

Since news of the salt warnings broke, the story has taken off across all media, but with a sharp spike among traditional outlets on Wednesday morning.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.25.10 PM

The fact that this story is not as popular on social could be reflective of its novelty. Because the warnings were just announced this week, they have yet to affect NYC consumers on the streets.

Once restaurants officially adapt these warnings and they are widely found on menus, we can be sure to expect some interesting feedback (both good and bad) from those dining in New York.


Politics: Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton

With every week, we get closer to the 2016 election — and the candidates continue to pull in high volumes mentions.

In the month of November, Bernie Sanders has been dominating the online conversation, generating more buzz than usual frontrunner (volume of mentions) Hillary Clinton. The Vermont senator was mentioned more than 2.8 million times across all forms of media, compared with 2.2 million mentions for Clinton.

However, the Democratic race to the White House looks completely different on television than it does on social media. As stated by the Washington Post, “While Sanders received 57 percent of the Democratic chatter on Twitter, compared with 42 percent for Clinton, the former Secretary of State received 54 percent of the month’s television mentions among the Democratic candidates, compared to Sanders’ 35 percent.”



Sanders’ lead of the conversation on social may have many Americans assuming that he has the larger, more vocal following. However, Clinton mentions are nearly 20 percent greater than Senator Sanders on television. At this point, the way the two are stacking up across media outlets is demonstrating that it may be a close race between the two as we move into 2016.

Tech: Snapchat Sponsors #WorldAIDSDay

With all the selfies that are taken on a daily basis, it is about time they are used for a good cause!

If you snapped a selfie on Tuesday, you hopefully embellished the image with special (RED)-branded filters.

AIDS-fighting organization (RED) partnered with Snapchat and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on World AIDS Day to offer three special photo filters, done to support those living with HIV and AIDS. Each time a user snapped with a (RED) filter, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $3 to the organization’s fight against AIDS.

Looking at who was driving the #WorldAIDSDay conversation on Twitter, it was celebrity involvement that took the promotion to the next level.


From Barry Manilow to Jared Leto and his band, Hollywood stars appeared to be the extra push that encouraged people to share (RED)-filtered snaps. Even though these famous figures were not directly involved in World AIDS Day, their response to Snapchat’s promotion drew people to the social media network while illustrating how effective an app can be in promoting a good cause.

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