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No one cares about your company or product.

Unless your CEO is Steve Jobs or your product is Google Glass, very few journalists and bloggers are going to write about you directly, because they’re reluctant to give free press to for-profit businesses. Few people are going to share something on social media that will only help a corporation to make more money. To gain significant media coverage and launch creative campaigns that spread through the Internet, companies usually need to insert their brands into larger stories.

In this post, I will help readers to do exactly that by detailing nine of the traditional publicity strategies that PR executives have developed over the past century. The point to remember:

Successful creative publicity campaigns can lead to countless new customers, sales, leads, social followings, and backlinks.

(Just see this recent study by Moz and Frac.tl that Kelsey Libert posted on the Moz Blog!)

By the end of this extensive post, readers will learn the answers to these questions:

What is Promotion as part of the Marketing Mix?
What specifically is publicity within the Promotion Mix?
When should marketers use publicity campaigns?
What is publicity compared to content marketing?
What is publicity compared to advertising?
What is publicity compared to public relations?
What are the major publicity strategies?
What are examples of publicity strategies in various contexts?
When should I use different publicity strategies?
How can I create a publicity plan?
How can I measure the results?

A full list of resources is provided at the end.

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