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The Best Video Content for Every Step of the Marketing Funnel

Take yourself back to your childhood chemistry lessons. I bet at least once your teacher droned on about how heating up a substance would make the particles in it move faster.

What has this got to do with video content marketing?

Here’s the picture: Your marketing funnel is that substance your teacher was telling you about. All the leads inside it are those particles, bouncing around.

How do you make those leads speed up and move down the funnel faster? Well, it’s simple. You just need to energize the situation.

How Video Content Energizes Your Funnel

Video content can help raise the heat on your marketing funnel.

We all know that content marketing is about creating valuable content tailored to your audience. It should attract, engage, and convert your potential customers. Basically, it should encourage them to move down the funnel. But have you tried using video as part of your content marketing to speed up that process?

This post will give you 13 examples of how video content can be used throughout your entire marketing funnel (and beyond!) to market to your target audience—and keep them moving even faster towards purchase.

A little icon indicating the top of the marketing funnel.Top of Funnel

Your potential customers are experiencing a problem or a need, and are rese…

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