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The Best Way to Write About Your Brand to Boost Conversions

Effective website copy stresses benefits rather than features. However, to substantially boost conversions, content developers must understand the benefits of what they are selling in a very detailed way—in fact, talking about benefits vaguely, or in a way that doesn’t connect with the audience, could be worse than not talking about benefits at all.

Let’s take a look at how copywriters and content marketers can maximize the persuasive power of benefit-based copy.

The Five Types of Benefits

Products and services benefit buyers in five distinct ways. Depending on the product/service, industry, competition, audience segment, and buyer’s individual needs, the relative importance of these five types of benefits vary. Perhaps all of these variables explain why marketing is such an inexact science. At any rate, these are the five:

Application Benefits: Product/service costs less, easier to use, greater durability, etc.
Corporate Benefits: Product/service helps meet corporate goals such as greater workplace sustainability, etc.
Customer Service Benefits: Dazzling tech support, fast response time, etc.
Relationship Benefits: Personnel are fun to work with, company is financially stable, etc.
Personal Benefits: Product/service could get me promoted, relieve work stress, give me status, give me more free time, etc.


In B2C, corporate benefits don’t apply, making the job of identifying important benefits a bit easier. Nevertheless, copywriters and content marketers must understand their audience intimately to talk specifics within these four or five types of benefits with persuasive accuracy.

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